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Comedy night social

We are MANY things but the simple answer is………A great club for gents aged 18-45

We will definitely give you:

  • New experiences and activities 
  • New local friends and contacts
  • New life skills to help your personal and professional development
  • New opportunities to really contribute to your community
Weekly walking group

Ask 10 members of Round Table why they joined and you will get 10 different answers. It is initially the social side, getting out of the house to do something different once a fortnight. Then the REAL attraction of Round Table goes beyond this, because once you are involved, there is a mixture of respect, banter and belonging which does not exist elsewhere.

Want to try something new and enjoy it?

Firstly – we are all blokes just like you. (If you are a bloke, if not then we are not like you) Please read on…..

We’re not some small club, we’re a large group of guys (part of a National Organisation in fact) and we’re intent on having one thing….a lot of fun! We do many different events that we would not have the opportunity to do.

Round Table is a worldwide club for chaps between 18-45. If you’ve not heard of Round Table that’s not because we are some weird secret club it’s because we’ve not been great at promoting ourselves we are attempting to change that.

With Round Tables around the country (and world) Sevenoaks Round Table is special right now because we are a dynamic club. On two nights a month Tables everywhere, including Sevenoaks, organise an exciting programme of social, sporting and other activities and any Tabler is invited to all of them.  
Other local Round Tables include: Tonbridge, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Dartford, Farnborough, Margate, Ramsgate, Sheppey, Rochester, Chatham, Bearstead and lots more in Essex.

There is also a family side to Round Table with lots of events where partners and children are welcome and the cost is always low.
If you like the idea of having a good laugh, we ask just one thing of you…….

o    Come out to play just once! The evening is will be fun. 
o    There is no commitment.
o    We’re happy to chat to you before you come out.

You will instantly feel very welcomed by all of the guys in this new club, ALL of which we’re not sure of coming to a meeting but are SO glad they did.

We hopefully look forward to speaking to you soon and we promise it will be worth it. It really is that good!! Round Table IS a life changing organisation.

You have nothing to lose and a life of much more to gain!

DO look at the National website for what Round table is all about.
Check our own website for our planed events and contact us